Lenovo T61 Speakers popping

I was fortunate to get a new laptop at work recently. I took my time on a long weekend configuring it to my satisfaction, but was annoyed by an annoying “pop” noise coming from the speakers after every sound. A little further testing showed that this was only when the machine was on battery power. This post on notebookreview and this post on the OpenSuse forums point to incorrect power management settings for the sound hardware.

Code Memories?

Every once in a while I’ll start thinking of long-past written code. Lately I’ve been thinking of C/C++… This isn’t a language I wish to make a living coding. In fact - many parts of my C/C++ education were /very/ lacking. However, there are times when I think back to things that I could have done better, things I really enjoyed coding (Blackjack console app with ASCII cards..heh), and things I just plain didn’t understand or care to.

Active Directory homeDrive (Home Folder)

If you’re using an automated tool to create your user accounts and assign a Home Folder (a mapped drive pointing to shared location on a server) - make certain that the property has a colon after the drive letter (e.g. Z: not Z). Without the colon, the drive will not be mapped on user log on. How do you know if this property is set correctly? Active Directory Users and Computers won’t show you.

Boxes of Orden

I just finished reading Chainfire, by Terry Goodkind. I had taken a 2 year hiatus from reading the series and finally returned to it. If you’re looking to pick up recreational reading, I highly recommend the series. It starts with “Wizard’s First Rule”. Truly one of the best series of our time.

eeePC - not for the masses

I managed to purchase one of these little gems in late April. I’ve been a longtime fan of Linux and Asus in general, so the thought of a little laptop running the free OS was enough to keep me dreaming until I broke down and ordered one. I bought a 7" model with the4 gig hard drive and an extra 2 gigs of ram. I did the ram install myself and setup the Advanced Desktop to my liking.

Finding the last login date for all profiles

By day I am but an humble IT worker - currently tasked with maintaining and improving scripts and tools that keep our enterprise workstations humming. My largest project thus far has been an ever growing inventory script (now a .NET 2 app) that reports information back to a SQL database. This app is run on a schedule by a service I wrote. The script collects great pieces of information - everything from the screen resolution being used to information on SQL Server instances on the device (yep - inventories servers too!

Laptop BIOS/CMOS reset = pain

This post is for those individuals looking to see if this is possible… I just reset the BIOS on an HP Pavilion ZE4900 (laptop) by removing and replacing the CMOS battery. The online manual doesn’t show its location - but you need to complete disassemble the laptop down to removing the main board. The CMOS battery is located on the underside of the board toward the front of the laptop. Needless to say - the last four hours are hours I’ll never get back :-/

The Resurgence of the Adventure Game Genre

I’ve been a gamer ever since I first laid eyes on an Atari. But of all the genres that I’ve enjoyed - the Adventure Genre stands out the most. What games are included on this list? Pretty much all Lucas Arts games…Monkey Island (1-4), Loom, Day of the Tentacle, etc. Because of my age, these games (for the most part) came out before I was old enough to realize that I needed to go buy them.

WinAudit - a shameless plug for a nifty tool

While surfing the interwebs, checking the emails, etc. I came upon a program called WinAudit. It’s a FREEware app that can report a lot of things about your machine and output it in a lot of different formats. Straight from their site: “The programme has advanced features such as service tag detection, hard-drive failure diagnosis, network port to process mapping, network connection speed, system availability statistics as well as Windows® update and firewall settings.

Spoofing the Mac Commercials

I don’t often laugh at online videos - but this one got me. Now don’t get me wrong - I love the Mac’s interface. It’s truly a wonder. But this video is absolutely hilarious 😄