Code Memories?

Every once in a while I’ll start thinking of long-past written code. Lately I’ve been thinking of C/C++… This isn’t a language I wish to make a living coding. In fact - many parts of my C/C++ education were /very/ lacking. However, there are times when I think back to things that I could have done better, things I really enjoyed coding (Blackjack console app with ASCII cards..heh), and things I just plain didn’t understand or care to.

Quick Google search brought up for relearning some of that forgotten knowledge. I make a quick run through and got as far as classes before taking a breather- which means I learned more syntax in an hour than in my entire High School programming courses (and almost as much as 2 semesters of Computer Science….ug).

Amazing what our brains will bring back up when we least expect it. :-/