Sonic Fan Remix

The new Sonic 4 is a bit of a novelty. This though - this is what Sonic fans have been waiting for: More information on the game can be found at

SharePoint Content Query WebPart easy values

Sometimes it’s helpful to see exactly what your CQW is receiving. Put this into a style and see what properties and data you’re receiving: <xsl:for-each select="@*"> P:<xsl:value-of select="name()" /><br/> V:<xsl:value-of select="." /><br/> </xsl:for-each>

.NET 4 and FTP

It comes baked in. Yay! Update: Apparently seeing products that do FTP in .NET for years made me think this wasn’t built in. It’s been around since .NET 2.0… Another blogger has even created a helper class that encapsulates everything you want to do in .NET with FTP (and it works on mono!).

ASP.NET Padding Oracle

I’m doing research to better understand the padding oracle attack that was recently disclosed to affect ASP.NET and thought to provide a quick list of links that I’ve found most helpful: Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog: Security Advisory 2416728 (Vulnerability in ASP.NET) and SharePoint Automated Padding Oracle Attacks with PadBuster How to check if your application is vulnerable to the ASP.NET Padding Oracle Vulnerability Duncan Smart’s post on ASP.NET detailing how to check if your application masks the oracle Duncan Smart’s blog entry on the matter (with link to a wsh script to use for testing) ASP.

Unreal Tournament Server on Ubuntu Linux (10.04)

I’m putting together a server for some friends to play Unreal Tournament (yes, the original). I had heard this was doable on Linux, and I have a friend’s old laptop here to play with. I’ll be putting good links here that have helped me to get this working. I got it all setup in a VirtualBox VM, but need it on the separate machine. This old laptop has a broken screen and no hard drive…no problem!

Dev Cheat Sheets

Found this site via downloadsquad. It has lots of condensed “cheat sheets” for different programming languages, tools, etc. that could be handy. I know I’ll be using the built-in VS 2010 Code snippets for C#.

GIMP How to make fuzzy border transparent

Do not use the “Flatten Image” option. A new layer will be created containing only the border (this layer will be the active layer). Perform “Layer->Transparency->Alpha to Selection” Perform “Layer->Delete”. (you don’t need this layer any more) Perform “Layer->Transparency->Add Alpha Channel” (if possible) Perform “Edit->Clear” Note: the “Layer” commands are also available on the context menu accessed by right-clicking on the layer’s thumbnail preview in the Layer Dialog.

Anonymous users and aspx pages inside the _layouts folder

I ran smack into an issue that was looking to be a serious problem yesterday. One of my development projects (SharePoint) is an anonymous access public-facing website. This site using built-in SharePoint web services and the download.aspx page in the \_layouts directory to facilitate lookup of related documents and provide download capability. The issue? Anonymous users can’t use any of the application pages in the \_layouts folder. Lots of head scratching and some creative Google searches led me to the “DotNetIdeas” blog, specifically this post.

Fastest XML Editor/Viewer

I use Visual Studio every day for just about all of my development tasks. However, I attempted to open a large xml file (> 20 megs) and Visual studio spiked up to 1.5 gigs of memory consumption and I couldn’t do anything… My old standby notepad++ (great editor!) also hung on opening the file. A quick search yielded First Object’s XML Editor. Worked great. Super fast.

Occasional SPException from GetListItemDataWithCallback

Wrote a new field control today (SharePoint) that queried a specific list in another site collection based on the value of a field from the current list item. This worked great each time I’d test it out and add some additional functionality. When I finished the control, I did a little harder testing by hitting the refresh button in my browser over and over again. Randomly, my control wouldn’t render. Other times it would be fine.