Print Helper for Google Calendar

Published my first Google Chrome extension today, Print Helper for Google Calendar.

It allows people to print multiple weeks or months of their Google Calendar(s) at a time. This is something that Google doesn’t show in the print UI - but is available if you tweak the URL that is sent to generate the printable pages. I’m not sure why Google doesn’t expose the date selection themselves, as it’s a very needed feature for those using Google Apps day to day.


  • Update 1/18/2011: Released v1.1, which now allows more urls when determining when to activate the icon. This should resolve the reported issue. Found that the icon was now appearing on the print preview window, so released v1.2 which keeps the icon from appearing there.
  • **Update 2/11/2011:**Released v1.21, which just added the ™ to abide by Google’s branding rules for extensions. Released v1.30 - allowing generated calendars to be in other languages, show/hide weekends, and set week start day.
  • **Update ????**The plugin is no longer in the store, as Google added the cabability to their own calendar UI.