Hi. I’m Jon Badgett.

Jon Badgett

I’m an optimistic pragmatist and enjoy a lot of “nerdy” things. This is my blog, which I use for putting to paper (screen?) my thoughts on a variety of subjects, often connected to my work as a software development manager but other times to my personal projects or interests. Many times, the posts are for my own future benefit to remember how or why I did something. I put them on the internet as there’s at least some chance they’ll help somebody else, and that’s what the internet is for (to me).

The content of this blog is entirely my opinions, and do not reflect the views, positions, or anything else of my employer, people I work with, or anybody but myself. If there’s something on this site you find fault or issue with, please let me know in the comments of the post.

If you need to reach me directly, I’d be happy to start a conversation on LinkedIn. I also respond to emails address to Jon at this website’s domain.