Kubuntu Notes

These are my notes while configuring Kubuntu 21.10 to my liking after first install. Mainly for my own future reference on other distribution installs.


While installing Kubuntu, I clicked the checkbox to have it install proprietary drivers and codecs, assuming this would be best for my nVidia GPU. However, upon reboot after install all I got was a black screen after GRUB.

I repeated the installation, this time leaving the box unchecked and made it all the way to the KDE desktop, where I could perform updates and install the proprietary nVidia driver.



After Steam is installed, it will not automatically start making use of Proton to play Windows-only games. To enable it:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to Steam Play
  3. Under Advanced, enable Steam Play for all other titles
  4. Click OK

Skyrim (Special Edition)

My installation started Skyrim okay, but I was unable to hear sound effects, music, or NPC voices during gameplay. The simple fix that I found on the Steam Forums is the following:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Navigate to the Skyrim (Special Edition) game.
  3. Click the gear icon on the right and select Properties
  4. Under the main General tab, under Launch Options, place the following:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="xaudio2_7=n,b" %command%


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