Navigation DVD Replacement Tools - Lexus IS250/IS350

|- I decided to upgrade the navigation DVD in my car. Being who I am, this is a DIY project (once you get the DVD, of course).

Followed the instructions from Sewell Parts, I hit a snag… what precision screwdrivers would fit? I dug out my bag o’ tools and found the smallest screwdrivers. Tried them. No dice. A friend of mine has a 2007 LS 460 and I noticed he had these tools in his trunk in a special bag. Searching my car, I could find no such tools. I couldn’t find much on the internet about this either. Where are the navigation DVD removal picks/screwdrivers in a Lexus IS 250/350? They’re in the tool bag that has the tire iron. It’s somewhat L shaped, and mine was next to the spare tire. If you open the bag, the location of these tools is easy to overlook.