Time moves on. Google makes my extension irrelevant

|- And that’s a good thing! This morning while working to improve my extension for Google Calendar, I noticed that Google had added the ability to print multiple weeks or months straight from the Google Calendar. So where does that leave my extension? Well… unpublished and deleted at this point. I don’t see any reason to still make the extension available, maintain it, etc. if you can get the same or better experience straight from Google Calendar. I knew this would happen at some point. Heck - I was using Google’s own url to generate the printable calendar with a different date range than they were feeding in. A large part of me is glad that Google finally got around to putting this functionality in. I’m experiencing a different subset of emotion though. It’s a new thing for me. A personal project of mine is no longer needed and is no longer free and available. The closest thing I can compare the emotion to is someone telling you your volunteer services are no longer needed (and they replaced you with some computer software). It’s really quite an odd feeling. Don’t understand me though, I’m very glad that Google put this in place. In fact - it’s about time! As the extension is the only free project I’ve produced and supported, I feel a little empty without it. What a strange world this is… where developers feel attached to the code they’ve written and released for others’ enjoyment. Guess I’ll need to find something else to build and give away!