ASP.NET Padding Oracle

I’m doing research to better understand the padding oracle attack that was recently disclosed to affect ASP.NET and thought to provide a quick list of links that I’ve found most helpful:

The ASP Classic is the most unexpected bit to me, but makes perfect sense.

Update: Patch your servers, as the padding oracle is no longer needed. Thanks Matt!

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Unreal Tournament Server on Ubuntu Linux (10.04)

I’m putting together a server for some friends to play Unreal Tournament (yes, the original). I had heard this was doable on Linux, and I have a friend’s old laptop here to play with. I’ll be putting good links here that have helped me to get this working.

I got it all setup in a VirtualBox VM, but need it on the separate machine. This old laptop has a broken screen and no hard drive…no problem! It will be running headless anyway, and I’ve also got a 16GB flash drive. Ubuntu Lucid installs fine on a flash drive - the only recommendation being that you use ext2, as it’s not a journaling file system (it doesn’t write as much to the drive).

Helpful links:
Playing Unreal Tournament on Ubuntu Lucid
Unreal Tournament Server Setup for Linux
Loki Installers for Linux Gamers

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GIMP How to make fuzzy border transparent

  • Do not use the “Flatten Image” option. A new layer will be created containing only the border (this layer will be the active layer).
  • Perform “Layer->Transparency->Alpha to Selection”
  • Perform “Layer->Delete”. (you don’t need this layer any more)
  • Perform “Layer->Transparency->Add Alpha Channel” (if possible)
  • Perform “Edit->Clear”
  • Note: the “Layer” commands are also available on the context menu accessed by right-clicking on the layer’s thumbnail preview in the Layer Dialog.
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