SharePoint 2010 Custom Action IDs for Site Settings page

Since the MSDN documentation for Default Custom Action Loacations and IDs is unreliable (they look to have copy+pasted the information from the SharePoint 2007 documentation), our only sure bet is to browse the file system and find the custom action IDs and groups ourselves.

I had need of this information today, and found the items from the site settings page located at: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SiteSettings\SiteSettings.xml

For those looking specifically for it, here is the custom action for “Delete this site”:

[xml] <CustomAction Id="DeleteWeb" GroupId="SiteTasks" Location="Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings" Rights="ManageWeb,BrowseUserInfo" Sequence="40" Title="$Resources:core,SiteSettings_DeleteWeb_Title;" Description="$Resources:core,SiteSettings_DeleteThisSite_Tooltip;"> <UrlAction Url="_layouts/deleteweb.aspx" /> </CustomAction> [/xml]

If you’re looking for that custom action, you’re probably wanting to hide it. Here’s the xml you’ll need in your elements file:

[xml] <HideCustomAction Id="HideDeleteWeb" GroupId="SiteTasks" HideActionId="DeleteWeb" Location="Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings"> </HideCustomAction> [/xml]

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